Samantha bossu

President & founder

Growing up the daughter of two interior plantscape company owners, Samantha’s love for plants, creativity and design sprouted at a young age.  Even during her 10 years in the education field, her home was always filled with live plants, local art and DIY projects that often included reviving a “replacement” plant from her parent’s warehouse.  

After relocating from the East Coast, she was inspired by the amount of support the Los Angeles community provides to small business owners, creative minds, and entrepreneurs alike.  Decora was started in her one bedroom apartment with a loan from her biggest supporters (her family) and has grown into her most honorable DIY to date.  

aesthetically pleasing

  • Replacing artwork, carpeting or furniture is costly, but rotating distinctive flowering plants every few months can change the look of your space, keeping it fresh and new.
  • Plants can soften hard edges of a building making it more inviting.
  • Plants in office and apartment buildings create a bright, positive appearance that attracts tenants and retains them longer.
  • Plants can direct pedestrian traffic and hide unsightly objects like electrical outlets and power strips.

"Samantha of Decora is a pleasure to work with.  I really appreciate the personal touch and professional way she conducts her business; she takes excellent care of our indoor & outdoor plants and responds promptly to all our questions and concerns.  I highly recommend her to small and large businesses alike."
                                        -Lillian B. 
                                                             Manager Wellness Center 

benefits of live plants

who we are



  • Plants in buildings raise productivity and satisfaction.
  • Studies show that combining a working atmosphere with living plants raises employee productivity a full 12%.
  • A green environment promotes a positive mood and healthier surroundings by providing cleaner air, noise reduction, reduced stress, and positive tenant image.


  • Live plants in your home or office help clean the air and can even improve your health.  
  • Plants reduce levels of carbon dioxide and other dust and pollutants like nitrogen oxide.
  • Formaldehyde and benzene fumes are released from building materials, furniture, and carpeting - Plants absorb these potentially harmful gases.

Megan Beadling

Accounting & 

Social Media Manager

Megan is a Philadelphia-native plantscaper who currently lives in Los Angeles. Originally beginning her career in Social Work, Megan's focus is now on all things green! 

When she's not maintaining plants or answering emails, you can find her watching Netflix on the couch, dancing at a concert, or hiking the San Gabriel's with her dog, Sadie.

"Our passion springs from not only the creativity of the industry, but also the natural benefits plants bring to your environment and the importance of how they impact your everyday life."

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