residential interior services

It is a continual process to make sure plants are getting what they need.  Our knowledgeable and experienced team will come to your space on a regular basis to insure that your investment not only looks great, but also lives a happy and healthy life.   

maintenance services

In addition to designing, installing and maintaining several varieties of greenwall systems, Decora also performs regular wall maintenance in Los Angeles and Orange County for Greenscaped Buildings, a greenwall company based out of San Diego. 

From design to maintenance, Decora has you covered. 

commercial interior services

After a consultation to gain insight into your space, we create a custom design based off of factors that include, but are not limited to: the design scheme, how your space will be used, and environmental influences that will affect the plant's ability to thrive (light, temperature, water requirements, seasonal availability, and foot traffic). 

Small patio space?  Empty building entrance?  Decora's got you covered.  Our creative stylists will help you transform empty commercial or residential spaces into colorful and inviting environments, setting you apart from the mundane and creating an area that will make an impact.  Ask us about adding drip irrigation to your pot designs!

container garden services

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Greenwall services

"Decora has done a terrific job of providing us with the just the right feel for our patients to feel at home in a natural environment. I would highly recommend Decora to anyone looking to enhance their home or work space."
                                                                                   -Michael L. Smith, DC

                                                                         Palos Verdes Estates

Also known as living walls, these plant systems are a dynamic way to change how we look at vertical space.  Utilized in both interior and exterior environments, greenwalls can work to revitalize a stale office area, build a strong brand message, or be the perfect final accent to your home's creative green design.

Greenscaped Buildings Greenwall

The residential design process doesn't differ much from the commercial side, as the same factors are used to choose the perfect plants and containers for your space.  Decora's designers are trained to have a keen eye for creating combinations that enhance your environment and accentuate your home's style.